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Common errors

This page explains how to fix common errors when using Connect from a web browser

Access to fetch from origin has been blocked by CORS policy

The basics of CORS apply with Connect from a browser and any resource it is attempting to access. For detailed information, please view the CORS documentation.

However, one specific gotcha to be aware of involves a new header Connect-Protocol-Version. With the v0.6.0 release of @connectrpc/connect-web, this header was added to all requests sent via the library. As a result, Connect clients that were working prior may start experiencing CORS errors upon upgrading to v0.6.0. Note that this also only affects Connect traffic. gRPC-Web traffic is unaffected.

The fix is to update your server configuration to add this header to the allowlist. For example, if your backend is using the Go CORS handler library:

handler := cors.New(cors.Options{
// ...
- AllowedHeaders: []string{"X-Custom-Header"},
+ AllowedHeaders: []string{"X-Custom-Header", "Connect-Protocol-Version"},

For examples of working with a CORS setup in Connect for Node.js, see the CORS documentation.

For more information on the Connect-Protocol-Version header, see this PR.